Patient 264

One Way

End of the street is dead

I walk anyway

Stopping Occasionally

I know this house

Passed it before

Kicked and screamed

When they tried to bring me in

“Only living ghosts in dying bodies

Go inside to hide!”

I yelled

In my scared adolescent voice


I decide to stop on by


Sitting on the old wooden porch

With white paint chipping off

As he worries in a rocking chair


Looks like me but far older

I give him a look and ask the time

He doesn’t even give me the time of day

He has an ugly face with a big toe

Filled with dirt and shoe lint

He is the type that doesn’t wear socks

He worries too much for that

I can tell


A witch with ancient tricks

Sits in her office

Filled with old worn out books

With tired revolving words

She looks up from her desk

Wicked eyes

Stare in my windows

I can feel my foundation shake

I turn to run but the door slams shut

The Stranger must of used his big toe

She asks me

To look back in time

Where would I be mentally?

If I didn’t carry with me

The not so fine


Quietly I respond

Mouth is froze


Doesn’t know where to go

I look at my childlike soul

As it squirms around in freight

Begging me,


Please not that night!


I close my eyes

People start to come in

Little clouds of smoke

That nobody knows

I find happiness

On the crest of a horse’s back

Riding alone in the dark

Hooves pounding the ground

Horse inhales

I exhale, all of the day’s stress

My past has passed

Today it can’t harass

Please stop!

How many acute angles

Do I have to stab my mind with?

I want out of the house

I want to go back from where I first came

The street is one way

Son of a-

Life’s a bitch!

Brush your teeth and smile!

Please stop!

Got a shitty peanut

Stuck on my tongue

Wretchedly, she attacks

With a spew of words


Swallow it!

Like the worthless parasucking slave you know you are!

Mind is almost drained of blood

My childlike soul is almost ashed out

My body is cashed out

I have nothing left

She shoves me

In a tightly closed closet

Arms tied around my back

Wearing a plastic bag around my head

While I breath threw a straw

Scene is black

As it is bleak

At first

Nothing appears

Living and dreams

Living and dream

Living and dreams

What is in between?

I have proven myself

Eating all of her shit

Taken my beatings

All have tested my will

I want more than this

I am a fierce competitor

I will not stop

Until I get whatever it takes

To see that fragile beautiful side

The one she has learned to hide


That is all anyone can do

She walks in the room

I open my eyes

I cannot see, only hear

Try not to panic

She has a present for me this time

I just know it

I can feel it

For once I am going to get a reward

A gift from that soft tongue

She talks just like that lovely Audrey H

Through the plastic bag

I cannot tell if it is she

So far are her real thoughts of me

I love what I have, why can’t she?

I have to keep going

There must be something

Something that I am missing

She doesn’t answer me!

She never answers me!

I would much rather eat her shit

Bathe in a spew of her wretched words

Then sit here and be ignored!

Legs and hands bound

Plastic bag keeps plugging up the hole

On the other end of the straw

My only source of carbon polluted oxygen

Seems like years I have been in this state

Everyday she comes in to check on me,

Torturing little crust filled eyes

Stare at me

Like I am worthless piece of jewelry

That hangs around a frightenly boring enslaved manikin

Daze go by

Before I feel a hand

Touch my arm

I open my eyes

The haze goes away

She bends her neck

Like that lovely Audrey H

“Patient 264”


Rocking in his chair

Rolling in his white jacket suit

On second thought

I am Stranger

Sitting in a rocking chair

Wasting away

In wretchedly revolving worries

As she continues,

“It is ok to come out now

The P-A-S-T virus is gone now

The presence of the Present

Will not inexorably kill you

It is more than safe to come out now.”

“I don’t believe you!”

I yell through the plastic bag, in my head

Holding the straw on my tongue

Rolling in that white jacket suit

She answers

In her most

Deceivingly devilish damsel

Tone of voice,

“That is not required,

Patient 264

Just believe

In your self.”

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