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      NGMI Alive is a Horror Comedy inspired by Web 3 and NFTS. It is also one of the first short films that will mint various NFTs on multiple blockchains including Polygon and Tezos. The full-length short film will eventually be minted on Ethereum. There are two collections available now, one is on Opensea (Via Polygon), the other is on Objkt (Via Tezos). Still images will be on Polygon, GIFs and short clips will be on Tezos. 

      NGMI Alive is the first Bleace Production that was shot and edited specifically for viewing on the mobile phone as it is oriented vertically in full 4K HD resolution. 

      NGMI Alive was Written & Directed by R. Lannom, starring Karol Molina and Charles Read, owner of the Bowers House where the movie was shot. The 100-year-old Artist retreat was the perfect setting for the Web 3 based script.